Fr: make each level in a nested clikcable

Hey Bear team,

I’m a heavy user of tags and nested tags. The way Bear organises notes make so much sense with how I think. To that end, I use nested tags quite a bit, some even going down to 4/5 levels.

I’d love a quick way to click on individual levels of a nested tag.

For example, the attached screenshot shows a tag 5 levels deep, I’d love a quick way on iOS to move up a level from #*/beef to #*/recipe for example.

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in Bear 2 we have a menu there on both the iOS and the macOS versions and we can eventually add a menu item for this purpose but why not rely on the sidebar for navigating the tag hierarchy?

Thanks for your feedback.

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The sidebar is useful but it can be quite difficult when you have a large number of tags. On macOS, it’s not too bad but on iOS, it results in quite a lot of scrolling (especially if you have other nested tags that are not collapsed)