Nested Tag Pinning on Bear2

I tend to have few tags at the root level, but they can explode in numbers deeper in the hierarchy.
The option to pin tag is greyed out for levels deeper than root.
I think it would be very useful to have that options for levels deeper in the hierarchy.


Generally I refuse to compare bear with craft as I am not able to work with latter app since it’s editor drives me crazy whenever I try it. But I like it’s ability to reorder all elements of the file tree manually and to sort it - when or if desired - alphabetically by context menu. For me that seems to be the most satisfying solution


I don’t know craft that well, I’m fluctuating between apple notes, obsidian and bear. But, yeah, it makes sense, and to me it seems coherent with the bear approach, at the very least with regard to pinning at any level of the hierarchy.

I would love to pin nested tags, and especially to see task count etc. next to the nested tag.

I have clients tagged as #clients/client1, #clients/client2, and I want to have a shortlist of current clients at the top, just showing as client2.

How do I propose a feature request in the Bear community?

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