Good new price for 2.0

Friends it was time to rise the prize. I think is very good. I wish you much and deserved success.
Not to create confusion, the prize is for new users starting with the launch of Bear 2.0. I received a mail with the news.


Where did you see the price increase?

a mail I received from Bear. It will be only for new customers after 2.0 is launched. We keep the same prize.

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how do I subscribed before Bear 2 is launched, I tried the testflight verson on my Mac and there is no Bear pro option.

@fuzzygel Have you subscribed to Bear in the past and let it lapse? If so, you can probably find it in App Store’s subscriptions section and renew it.

@fuzzygel there is another thread where we were discussing exactly that. I was not able to reactivate my old subscription from the App Store so what I did (as recommended by @dahan was deleting the beta version from one of my devices (iPhone), restart it , install Bear 1 and then I could get the subscription from there.
Hope it also works for me!

Good to see you’re making sure the app is viable. I’ll probably at least consider unsubbing and re-subbing to support the development of Bear.

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Does anyone have any information on regional pricing, especially in India (INR)?

The new pricing in rupees is ₹299.00/month ₹2,999/Year…