Hangs on quit after importing notes

Testing version:
2.0 10688 Mac Ventura
What were you doing:
I had imported approx 40 textbundle notes in two batches, some of which had several images each (now the textbundle import is fixed - thanks!)
What feature did you use:
Import - worked perfectly and quickly. The problem arose when (after maybe ten minutes reading and checking notes, with a few corrections on a few of them), I quit the app (via the menu)
What happened:
Nothing. The app just sat there, but the quit option in the menu was greyed out. No errors were thrown and there was nothing reported in the console. After maybe fifteen minutes I force quit the app. On reopening, everything seemed to be there and the app would quit normally.

I have seen this once before with an earlier version but did not report as I assumed it was to do with the bigger issues in that version with textbundle import.
What did you expect to happen:
either a normal quit or a warning to wait until sync complete (or whatever)

I suspect the ocr scanning and indexing operation on the attachments might have slow down app quit. I’ll check if we can improve this.

Thanks. Any idea how long I would have to wait for OCR and indexing to finish naturally or would it be better to import notes with pdfs individually?

I have to test this to be sure this is the issue. The OCR scan is pretty fast, it should take a few seconds for each images/PDF.

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