Performance issue

I tested importing a note that I exported as a text bundle from Craft. It’s a big note - around 6000 words with lots of images and a table. I’ve noticed a distinct lag when I click on the note before it opens - around 5-10 seconds. I’m running Monterey (12.5) on a 2019 MacBook Pro with a 2.3 GHz processor. Is this note just too big?


the words count on that note is not crazy, we have tested with hundreds of thousands. If the note has a lot of images/PDFs is possible those are the causes of the lag. Do you mind sharing the note with me via DM?

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Yes I can do that - do I just export it as a markdown file?

The original craft text bundle is perfect.

Sorry for the delay. I can’t actually work out out to do a DM?