How To Guide: Tables, GIFs and Footnotes

Hi there!

Attached are some guides to help when navigating tables, GIF’s and footnotes. Let us know what you think, every piece of feedback counts!

Table Tip:

  • Pressing enter at the end of a table will create a new row
  • Pressing it again will remove the row!

To Animate GIF’s:

  • Have desired GIF available on your desktop
  • Drag desktop GIF into note
  • Simply click on the GIF!


  • Adding footnotes is easy!
  • Click “Format” > “Footnotes”


I’ll point out that for starting a table with Markdown rather than the toolbars, Smart Dashes get in the way. Not sure how to get around this from a design perspective!

The current philosophy for tables is to avoid to write those by hand as much as possible, the syntax is not very friendly and there is a simple hotkey to make one ⌘⌥T.

We’re trying to make table as smooth as possible during the editing and we’re open to any suggestions :slight_smile:


Tables by hand are obviously not super pleasant in Markdown, but one of the best things about Bear is being able to write natively in Markdown rather than having to rely on shortcuts or buttons, and letting the power of the editor help take over where the syntax gets laborious.

Being able to start input of anything in markdown is a nice thing, including tables; maybe there could be some ignoring of smart dashes when following a pipe? I’m not sure if that kind of override is possible. I’ll play around with it with smart dash manually disabled.

Unfortunately, don’t see a way to disable Smart Dashes just for Bear; Drafts implements this, would it be feasible to add this to the preference panes? I personally use the option key to give me the dash I want in every app, but smart dashes system-wide are tied to smart quotes (which I don’t want to disable), so it’s not a behavior I can currently get in Bear as the regular behavior.

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I mostly agree, but it’s not a problem related to smart dashes (you can easily turn those off by using Edit -> Substitutions -> Smart Dashes). I’ll think a bit about this and see if I find a way to enable both behaviours.

Doh! Thanks for helping me find that!

This works great now (current permissions don’t allow new users to upload attachments):

Now faster for me to set up a Markdown table in Bear than it is in the Sublime Text package for Markdown tables!

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Thanks for the demo ehler, loving this!

It’s now January, '21 and I noticed that adding footnotes is now different than what your video shows. Just a reminder to update the video.

I am trying to create tables, but is not possible for me, tried the markdown way, but not working :frowning: could someone help?