How to insert table of contents, or pin / always show the table of contents popup

I’m really struggling with the lack of navigation within notes.

Is there any way to insert a table to contents?

If not - is there at least a way to pin that popup menu that has a table of contents / navigation tree so that it’s always visible? (I’d really like a few more toolbars that are always there).

You can “tear” it out (detach/move from the original position) and it will become separate pane which will stay visible (if you do not cover it by other window) and will reflect change/focus of particular notes.

As for better solutions, developer promised special section/integrated sidebar (I believe at the very right of the note pane) where ToC, Backlins etc. should appear and stay visible (when document window is wide enough). That would best solution and I am also eagerly waiting for it.

Ah ok, I see, that’s a bit … janky.

I’d rather just have a column you can toggle.

It’s a bit like that floating toolbar - it feels a bit like unnecessary complexity.