Import from Apple Notes

First off, thank you very much for your great app. I have tested the beta as well and since most of my writings are in Arabic, RTL works great.

However, I am migrating from Apple Notes. My over 1800 notes include:

  • Tables
  • Simple notes with titles, hashtags, and on
  • Long handwritten notes of my lectures
  • Quick notes that show snippets of a website, and when clicked on, takes me to the web page with the snippet highlighted.

I remember I used that automated tool provided, but it gave me messed up results, for example, it made my titles from this:

هذا عنوان باللغة العربية

to this:


making each word itself on a separate line.

I’ve been able to move about hundred of them manually by copying and pasting, but it will take me forever to migrate all my notes. I also know people with over 10000 notes, and if I want to suggest Bear to them, there should be an easier way for importing.

I really hope you find a solution for this.


I can confirm the Notes importer has not been tested yet with Arabic notes but we’ll do it as soon as possible.