Improvements to the core editing experience (10757)

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  • Handling of backticks for code blocks and code cause issues if not closed, see: Backticks break images and sketches E.g. converting hyphens to emdashes inside code blocks (auto-pair would resolve this).
  • Typing > "a quote" will use the wrong smart quotes, whereas adding the block quote > later works fine.
  • TODOs can only be typed with - [ ] whereas GitHub and Visual Studio Code also support * [ ] . Bear supports both * and - for bullets, so why not for TODOs?
  • Pressing Command-B, Command-I, and typing “some text” does not result in bold-italics — it strips off the bold and just leaves italics — whereas adding the bold/italics after works.
  • Pressing Command-I followed by Command-B results in a horizontal rule (line separator)
  • If you start typing a link in by hand, [Text]( it would be nice if pasting a link from the clipboard didn’t paste the title [Text]([Title](https://...) (workaround is Paste From Plain Text)

I made a nice little TODO list in Bear for testing future betas. :bear:

I went through my list of feedback in Bear (12006).

The issues with backticks and smart quotes look to be resolved, which is great.

The other concerns mentioned in this thread remain.

You raise many good points. I will have another look now when the list of issues is much smaller.

Regarding tasks, how would you feel about adding [] as a trigger for tasks? Meaning that if you type [] at the beginning of a line, it is replaced with - [ ] .

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As far as triggering a task, I’m finding that it didn’t take long to use Command-T instead of typing - [ ] or * [ ] .

The other place I’m seeing this is when importing. If a line starts with * [ ] (or the indented equivalent) it doesn’t become a task. Though it’s easy enough to go through and update the tasks with Command-T.

I have this issue when importing (using Quick Copy, Markdown + Rich Text) from Zotero. When writing PDF notes in Zotero, if I mark a todo with - [ ] it won’t convert in Bear until I place the cursor before it in Bear and hit return :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: before each one. Tedious.