Inline Predictive Test Bug - iPad

Testing version: iPad 2.1.4

What were you doing: Typing on an iPad Pro with external keyboard with settings for Predictive Text and Predictions Show Inline turned on.

What feature did you use: Attempting to use the delete key after the inline predictive text appears.

What happened: Once the predictive text appears, the delete key becomes inoperable. To delete the word, I had to either accept the predictive text or type another character and then press the delete key.

What did you expect to happen: I expected to be able to delete text.

I’ve been writing in Bear on this iPad successfully for the past few weeks. I believe this bug cropped up in the update that was released today.

I’ve turned off the settings for “Predictive Text” and “Predictions Show Inline” until this gets fixed.

Hello and thanks for reporting this problem. Yes, something odd is happening with the Del key when the predictive text is visible. We’ll check this as soon as possible.

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