iPad Split View: editors get emptied on screen change

Testing version: 2.0 (10817) on iPad Pro 11” (2nd Gen.)

What were you doing: Using Bear in split view, and changing split aspect ratio or activating browser (or other apps)

What feature did you use:

  1. dragging the split view resizing handle
  2. or opening external link in Edge, and returning to Bear in split screen

What happened: Both Editor panes got emptied (showing Bear line drawing only). Same issue in both cases mentioned bove

What did you expect to happen:
The notes should continue stay open in both screens in both scenarios.

See issue in both cases in screen recording below:

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Same. And I’ll post this here too, same is happening on iPhone when clicking external links:Tapping external link exits the note I’m in

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This emptying of editor, seems to only happen when a subtag is active in tag list of either split screen view panes. And then will also happen in regular view (not split view) when you switch back to Bear from other apps.

So when a top level tag is activated in tag list, everything seems to work fine and as expected :sunglasses:

Sorry @trix180, I see that you have already found out about this issue in another thread – well this will serve as a confirmation then :nerd_face:

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