Mac feedback: single column mode / vertical mode

A lot of time, I find myself having Bear on one side of the screen in a narrow window, using it for note-taking or reference. In this case, I either:

  • Open note in a new window and minimize/close the main window
  • Use “Show Editor Only”

The 2nd option is more ideal since I can switch to another note using Quick Open but falls short when I need to see the note list. I’m hoping there would be a single column mode, where I could switch across the tag list, note list, and the editor, similar to the iOS UI.

As a stretch request: a vertical view similar to what nvALT had to see the note list and editor at the same time in a single column.

I know this is a big request but it would really make me and I’m sure many people smile if you could consider it. :slight_smile: