Name of author in epub export

After exporting a note in epub format en opening in Books, the frontpage shows Author unknown.

How can I get a name of the author in the file?


Hi Peter,

I’m afraid the ePub author’s name can’t be changed in Bear. The epub can be edited with external apps allowing access and editing of ePub’s metadata.

Maybe this could be another good use of the YAML front matter?
On HTML export, YAML items are exported in the HTML as
<meta name="property" content="My House">

PS. On iPhone there is a shortcut on BIU keyboard for inserting YAML front matter.
But I cannot find this shortcut neither on iPad nor Mac. Any thoughts on that?
On Mac there is a menu item for YAML though.

Also, it would be nice if this shortcut (only on iPhone at the moment) could move cursor up and insert a new line in an existing front matter. Now it only works to add frontmatter first time, and if it already exists: the screen/cursor just jumps up and back down, as if it tried to go there, but then quickly “changed it’s mind”. :wink: On Mac cursor moves to top, in front of YAML markup though.

This is an interesting idea. I’ll check what I can do.

Do you mean the keyboard shortcut? If this is the case I don’t think we have any on mac, iPhone and iPad. However you can access to YAML by the BIU keyboard or the edit menu on mac.

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Thank you, sorry I didn’t didn’t mean shortcut, but BIU keyboard button.
I found this button on iPhone under code, but I cannot find it on BIU keyboard on iPad. On iPhone code button expands, but on iPad there are two buttons only:

  1. inline code
  2. fenced code block

and neither of them expands:
On my iPad:

PS. @trix180 I don’t recognize the BIU keyboard in your screen shot, is that a new one for Mac?

On my mac it looks like this:

YAML is probably not on top of your list, and neither on mine, so this is more like nitpicking.

Please leave this on the back burner, so you can focus on more important improvements like:

  • Panda beta,
  • Bear on Web,
  • 4 pane view
  • etc.


Oh yes, the button is not present in the standard iPadOS BIU keyboard. The one in the screenshot is what you see on an iPad with a keyboard attached. Also, on mac is only available in the Edit menu but not on the style bar at the moment. I’ll see what we can do for both cases.

@PeterT With the next update the ePub export will mirror a selected number of YAML properties into the final export metadata: type, subject, source, rights, publisher, language, format, creator, description

creator will be shown in ePub readers as the author.


@trix180 Thanks for solving this problem.