Nested tags can't be expanded - behind settings button iOS iPad

Testing version: 2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: Trying to expand two nested tags at end of tags list

What feature did you use: Open a parent tag

What happened: The parent tag displays the notes fine but child/sub-tags can’t be displayed, as they are obscured by the Settings button, and therefore notes with these sub-tags can’t be selected

What did you expect to happen: Settings button not to get in the way! Maybe for the display to run on beyond the last top level tag so settings button is beneath the expand tag indicator

PS Needless to say, not a problem on Mac, and sub-tags can be displayed if the tag list is shortened (I’m using nested tags extensively, so if tags above the ones at end of list are themselves only displayed at parent level the ones at the end are above the settings button and can be expanded). Hope I’m not missing anything obvious, as I’ve used Bear on Mac almost exclusively to date, and my tag structure is new

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