Unable to create nested tags in build 10759

Testing version: 10759 on iPhone 14 Pro

What were you doing: Trying to create a nested tag

What feature did you use: keyboard

What happened: tag disappears when I hit the slash to create a nested tag.

What did you expect to happen: I expected the slash to appear and be able to continue creating a nested tag.

Same here. Creating a new nested tag works, but selecting an existing one or making a new nested one for an existing parent doesn’t work

I have since been able to confirm that nested tags do work on the Mac.

Same here!

But I can still create them if I start the autocomplete with the last layer of the tag

Same on IOS on 16.4 on an iPhone 13 Pro Max with Build 10759.

Verified works on MacOs version also

I experience exactly the same problem.

Me too since last update