Note list redrawing problems

Testing version:
Bear 2.0.2 (11749) on macOS 13.4.1 (a); MacBook Air 2020 (Intel)

What were you doing:
Editing notes

What feature did you use:
Editing the text of a note

What happened:
I have Bear showing Tags, Notes, and Editor. Preview style is set to large. Attachments are shown in previews.A few seconds after starting to edit the text of a note the Notes list redraws but is mis-spaced leaving blank gaps between notes; occasionally some Notes overlap. The notes list also scrolls so I can no longer see the note being edited.

Based on the timings in the sync panel, this misbehaviour may be triggered when the note is synced.

This problem also occurred with Bear 1.9.6 and started when the Mac was updated to macOS 13.

What did you expect to happen:
Editing the text of a note should change the preview of that note, but not disrupt the formatting of the text of the list.

For the record, 2.0.5 appears to have fixed this issue.

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Actually, I spoke too soon. Still occasionally seeing behaviour like the following (grey boxes added to hide note content):

The note dated 25 Oct 2022 loses its title and preview text

The note dated 1 Aug 2021 is not the last note in the list, there’s a blank gap below in the preview that refreshes when I scroll the note list.

Also seeing corruption as follows:

Text is cut-off in the note list, then a gap below.

This is using Bear Version 2.0.5 (11799) on Ventura 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)