Open multiple windows on iPad?

On the Mac there is a menu item, etc. to open a note is a separate window, but I do not see this on the iPad - am I missing it or is it not there? If not there any plans to add it in? Thanks!

I see that I can do this from the bear icon- but I do not see anyway to do this when I am actually in a note and wish to open that note in a new window - how is that done?

@asfrank16 my turn to help - @roar helped me in the thread linked.
1 - tap on the ellipses at the top
2 - tap the plus and you will get a new window and can choose a different note
3 - tapping the ellipses again will give you the option to close the window you are in

Thank you! Still would be easier if it would open the note you choose in a new window, but this is better.