Panda: is tagging searchable for externally created files

I’m a Bear admirer, but not a power user and so I might just be missing something obvious. I’d like to leverage the power of Bear as a reader, searcher, and editor against externally created files. In my case there already exists a directory of markdown files. I understand that Panda is intended to cover that. But isn’t organization and search-ability through tagging one of the critical features of Bear? And it seems that it’s missing from Panda? So is it coming, or is Panda just a text editor that can open external files?

Here’s my use case. I’m managing many markdown files with another tool. These are under version control and stored in github. I’d like any non-technical user that is savvy enough to just do a git pull on the master branch to sync files, to then be able to view, search, and navigate them a la tagging as it’s orchestrated in Bear currently. Is that something that I should expect will be possible?

Panda is the Beta build for the text editor of Bear 2.0.

When Bear 2.0 is released, it will function the same as Bear 1.x does today (i.e. include tagging) but the text editor will be replaced with what you see in Panda.

Panda is for testing purposes only and shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone application.

Hope this helped! :blush:

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Hi Dene,

I can see that there was recent activity on this post (that was recently added and deleted).

Just to confirm, the comment made by ZettleZebra below is indeed correct!

But if you’ve any further queries or questions let me know as i’d be happy to help.

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