Render equations / latex

It would be great to have an update here. I understand there was some difficulty in implementations for the new editor, but nonetheless knowing if this is possible would be great.

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No response from the developers. Definitely don’t understand why a note-taking app that originally came out in 2016 still doesn’t support Latex.

I don’t write the app so I don’t know any how hard it is. I read somewhere that implementing mathjax, in the new editor is not easy.

However, it would be good to hear from the developers a:

  • yes we’re doing this
  • were not going to do this

Either way is fine just would like to know

Since the Bear app uses a subscription based model paying users expect regular communication from the team on things that they are working on or are not able to implement.

Otherwise where is the £2.99 a month going?

It would be nice for someone from the team to let us know if mathjax/latex can or can’t be done, just a few words.

+1 for me too. This would be a great feature for me and people working in a scientific field.

Sooner or later equations will come. For those who are impatient a little video from ulysses that implemented math equations in a bearish way:

We hear you!

Bear 2.0 was a massive release, and we have been busy fixing bugs and usability issues since then. Going forward we will have more time to do new things, and there are many items on our list. We know that equations is something many would find useful, but it is not trivial to implement. So it is certainly on our radar, but nothing has been decided about it yet.

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This thread alone goes back 3 years, and you still have nothing to say. It definitely doesn’t sound like you hear us. You’re a note-taking app and you don’t support equations? You’re the only note-taking app I know of that doesn’t. I guess any student in a math or science class is out of luck. I’m deleting the app from my devices.

Quickly implementing features never were our strength. Attention to detail is. Equation support is something we are actively discussing, and it was even planned to be part of version 2.0 of Bear. But then, as you might know, we got quite a bit of fair critique that we tried to do too much and that people would rather have it out already. We do listen to user feedback across all our channels when deciding what to do next. Then, we also factor in how much work it would be to implement and maintain each feature. There are so many things on our list that some frustration is ensured.


Every note-taking app forum I know is filled with people complaining about Latex (usually failure to render some syntax). The attention to detail needed is an order of magnitude higher for developers with Latex than most of what they do. Rendering Latex and providing an editor for it is at least as complex for developers as writing the rest of the note-taking app: if they plug in a library, users complain to them about its problems anyway.

I’d rather it wasn’t there until they can do it properly.


I always though equation rendering was too niche feature for note taking apps, until I actually started my engineering studies. Now it feels extremely necessary: hand-written notes aren’t great on Bear as you don’t have unlimited canvas to write your stuff on, and Bear isn’t really meant for hand-writing. And writing down math with keyboard becomes very unreadable very quickly.

Count my vote for any kind of math rendering.

Meanwhile I’d love to know if there’s a service / web app that would take my LaTex, and spit out a PNG with the equation. Or some other workaround like that.

Mathpix does everything you need it to do, and will allow you to copy and paste easily into whatever you need.

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Exactly something like this. Thanks!

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Another vote in favor of even basic math support. Not being able to render pi, alpha, etc etc is very limiting. Loving Bear 2.0 otherwise!