Restored notes after search uneditable until navigation change

  • Bear Version: 2.2.2 (12723)
  • OS Version: MacOS 13.6.6
  • Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Used the Global Search function to locate a note in the archive.
  2. Selected “Restore” for the note.
  3. Attempted to edit the restored note’s content.
  • Actual Behavior: The note’s content remains uneditable until I navigate away and return, although the BIU toolbar functions correctly.
  • Expected Behavior: After restoring a note from the archive, the content should be fully editable.

This issue is especially frustrating as I’m currently migrating large attachments from my Bear archive to Google Drive. This involves frequently searching for old notes or tags, restoring them, replacing attachments with links, and re-archiving.

Here’s a video demonstrating the problem

Thanks for creating such a great app!

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Thanks for reporting this bug. We’ll try to fix this for the next update.

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