Saving document - says it will open in MindNode

I saved the first document in Panda to the Cloud folder and looking at the file, it opens with MindNode by default, not the app.

This is because you have Mindnode as a default opener for TextBundle files, you can set whatever you like using the “Get Info” menu in the right click menu from the Finder :slight_smile:

TextBudle is an open/generic file format, so multiple apps can open/edit it.

Thanks for the response. I guess what I am attempting to point out is that the file will not open in the app if I double clicked on it. Imagine now if I changed all file types to open in Panda? Now all my MindNode files are opening in the wrong app! This could become frustrating very quickly…

That’s not the case: MindNode is set as a default on your system to open .textbundle, but those are not MindNode files :slight_smile:

MindNode probably import .textbundle as attachments or something like this, you can overrider the default app for .textbundle without breaking anything.