SVGs don't render in notes

Testing version: v2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: Inserting SVG into a note

What feature did you use: Drag + Dropped from finder

What happened: A place holder space is rendered, but the sag itself did not render. It does render in the note preview

What did you expect to happen:
Render in both places


Notes list:

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Bear 2 didn’t come with SVG support at the moment. Do you mind sending me one of those SVGs which causes this problem? I’d like to understand what’s happening here.

Here you go:

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Seconding this as a feature request. The most disturbing things is that a placeholder does not get displayed. Maybe say at least that the image could not be rendered.


I’d also like to have this feature considered to be implemented. At the moment I’m pretty frustrated with the image quality PNG images are exported to PDF. So I was expecting to be able to use SVG just to discover it is not supported.