Tags: Number "7" autocompletes to "1/"

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: typing tags

What feature did you use: tag autocomplete

What happened: number “7” autocompletes with “1/”

What did you expect to happen: number “7” autocompletes with “1/”

Very peculiar bug. When typing tags, the number “7” autocompletes to “1/”. Backspacing and retyping still autocompletes to “1/”. You have to type a space, then “7”, then delete the space for it to take. This only seems to be happening with number “7”.


Hi Brian,

very nice catch! There’s an issue with the reading of the / keycode in the autocomplete panel. I think your keyboard layout has / as ⇧7 and we are not checking the shift key.

/ is used for unix-style completion: Completes your entry to the first matching child element in the list.

Thanks and regards.

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I tested and could also trigger the same bug using 7 on US standard keyboard.

#test1 (typed as #test1 space)
#test1/ (typed #test7 without space and it autocompleted directly to: #test1/

⇧7 renders & on US keyboard, but ⇧7 renders / in Italian and Norwegian keyboard.

But the bug does the same with Italian keyboard as well …

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