TOC: always scrolling to the top

Another annoyance with TOC is that it scrolls its content to the top with any change of a hierarchy / headers. Imagine you want to edit few points at the end of your document:

  1. Open a file long enough so the TOC is scrollable.
  2. Have the TOC floating (may not matter)
  3. Click on a header at the bottom of TOC
  4. Change it
  5. Wooooosh… TOC is refreshed and showing the 1st node, while you are at the bottom of the document editing the last header.

Hi there,

Could I just clarify what you mean by “showing the 1st node” regarding your point 5?

I tested this to replicate it and the TOC header updates but it doesn’t jump or move, is this what is occurring for you?

Would you be able to provide an example screen recording of this for further investigation?

Yeah… it does it on one long file, but not on others I’m creating from scratch. It will take some time to recreate it.

Hi there,

Please let us know if you still need assistance with this issue.