TOC / Stats not refreshing

Testing version: 1.0 (2510), but also before

What were you doing: Few files open (as tabs). TOC / Stats window is floating

What feature did you use: TOC floating

What happened: When you change files, the content of TOC or Stats doesn’t change. No focus?

What did you expect to happen: Update it, based on what file I work on (the focus is on)

Hi there,

May I just ask, what device was this occurring on for you? and the system version you are using on the device? :slight_smile:

Latest Mojave. Intel Macbook Pro. 2019 or something :slight_smile:

Thank you for the additional information.

This may be a bug :beetle:, we’ll investigate further!

Hi there,

A follow-up to the above, I consulted with a member of the development team for more information on this.

They mentioned that the panel is related to a specific document. If you change tab, you will need to re-open it if you had it detached :slight_smile:

Sounds like pain, right? :slight_smile: