Unable to annotate image

Testing version: 1949

What were you doing: annotating an image

What feature did you use: markup

What happened: cannot find the button

What did you expect to happen: have the button for annotation and be able to annotate

First image has the button for annotation but the second image does not.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this.

I’ll pass it onto the development team to have a look into.

Can I just ask, was this image the only one missing the button? Did it happen with any of the other 20?

There doesn’t seem to be any other ones in this note, but I have occasionally faced this bug time to time in other notes as well. If I really correctly, I think I have cropped the image shown here, and maybe that is the issue?

Hi Eleanor,

Cropping prior to annotating shouldn’t present this issue. But, thank you for the additional feedback, it may be useful for the development team when investigating the issue.

Bump up
bug yet fixed:

The images I currently have which I cannot annotate are
![](assets/lc3tgx0rhih71.jpg%202.webp) and ![](assets/EF189624-AFCB-47CA-A9C0-8ECD4A33B9A7%202.png) which is the photo in my OP.

I had originally thought that perhaps file name not ending with the extension is the problem but the second case avoids that. I again presumed perhaps containing % is a problem, but I have other photos that works very well and the name has % in it. :thinking: