Weird formatting with "---"

Testing version: 1.0 (2510)

What were you doing:

Put the following text into Panda:

# Test
The rain in Spain
Falls mainly on the plain

The “The rain in Spain” line formats strangely - very large.

Change it to the following, and it formats as expected (note the extra newline before the “—”):

# Test
The rain in Spain

Falls mainly on the plain

What feature did you use:

What happened:

What did you expect to happen:

There is two types of line separator.
--- and - - -
The first one will produce a thick separator and make the line before as a ‘title’ but not a header.
The latter will perform as expected with Bear. Just a normal straight line without making the previous line a ‘title’.


Thanks Eleanor, that explains it.

I don’t understand why one would want a title that wasn’t a header, but presumably some people find that useful.

I sure hope there will be an automated way to change --- to - - - in my hundreds of Bear notes once Panda goes live.

Hi there,

Currently, this is the expected behaviour for using the different types of line separators.

Thank you for the feedback though, i’ll pass it onto the team.