What font does Panda use?

Love the font used in Panda! What is it called?

The rounding on the font is subtle, but not as much as SF Rounded where it starts looking cartoonish.

For the latest version, they developed their own font :smiley:

You only do that if you are serious about typography. Kudos to the team.

Still though, it must have a name.

They call it Bear Sans: Panda release note 1.0(1949)

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Indeed, we love all things design, including typography!

I believe you are referring to the Bear Sans font derived from Clarika that @apgold also previous mentioned.

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Thanks for the reply to both of you! Typography is near and dear to my heart, so i am excited to hear the passion we share for all-things-text is being carried into Panda.

Bear Sans looks beautiful.

Wishing the team much success.

β€” d

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It’s a beautiful and very legible font.

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