Bug: onSpace from nested Ordered List Creates new line

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an ordered list
  2. Indent to create nested list
  3. Enter “test”
  4. Hit the space bar key

Expected Results a space is added to the list item created from step 2 above
Actual Results a new line is created


Bear Version: 2.1.8
Specs: Using M3 Apple Mac Book Pro with Sonoma 14.3

I am trying to reproduce but I am unsure about the described steps. Could you elaborate a bit. Perhaps include the markdown, or even better, make a screen recording.

The steps to reproduce are very clear. We’re you unable to reproduce? It happens to me every time. A screen recording should not be necessary in this case unless you can confirm you cannot reproduce.

On step 3, you are typing the words test.
On step 4, you are adding a space.

Here is the markdown? It doesnt even have to be a nested ordered list. It happens every time.

  1. Test

If you just do the above and hit space after it bumps you to a new line.

I recorded a demo but the file upload failed because its over the maximum size.

I am trying to help you, but I was unable to reproduce the issue, and that is why I was asking for clarifications about the steps. Are you saying that if you type a space after 1. Test, it jumps to a new line? Or are the steps before required?

This is such a basic operation that if this was a general bug we would have fixed it long ago. There must be something more specific going on. Try to restart the app to make sure that it hasn’t been corrupted in memory for some reason. Do you use some key-mapping or macro that could explain what is going on?

what OS and version of the app are you on? I do not have any macros or special configurations enabled.

Hey, that is my line. :slight_smile:

We have now been able to reproduce the issue. It is happening when you have the menu item Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing in combination with auto-correct settings in System Settings.

Thanks for reporting. We will try to have a fix available soon.

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Nice! That work around fixed it. Thank you!!

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thanks, I was experiencing this issue as well