Feature Request: No Ding when Using Save Shortcut

My muscle memory its Cmd-S all the time while typing and its annoying that Bear dings at you when you do this. I know that its “always saving”, but silencing the ding would be a nice little addition.

The sound you are referring to is caused by macOS because one app is not responding to the shortcut triggered. We can theoretically add a menu item without any function associated with ⌘S but that’s not a good practice for macOS apps.

I can suggest remapping ⌘S to some Edit > Copy or Edit > Substitutions functionalities because those have no consequences on the text or the app UI.

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Would it be “no action” though … if you called it “Sync” instead of “Save” it could force a sync if one hadn’t been done. But I suppose you don’t want to expose that state management to the user…

Remapping works, and maybe no one else has this problem, but it’s rather annoying given that it’s such a common shortcut.

I did end up mapping it to “Actual Size”, I didn’t want it to clobber my clipboard with “Copy” in-case I had something selected.

Also, if the user is not pro we get back to the previous situation.