Glitch in new menu of notes list WHEN notes node is selected after restart

Testing version:
version 2.0 (9652) on macOS 11.6.5

What were you doing:
Restart of bear

What feature did you use:
Actually no feature used

What happened:
In new menu nothing to see in new menu of notes list

What did you expect to happen:
As after restart the notes node is selected i expected to see icon and name of “notes” node from left sidebar

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-07 um 21.58.52

After switching to another tag and then back again you can read the name, but the icon is never shown

I’ve tried to simulate this issue, but so far I wasn’t able to. Does this happen every time you restart Bear? Are you quitting Bear with “Notes” selected or are you inside another section?

It does happen almost every time and it always appear without icon

The “Notes” section is the default and doesn’t show the icon by design, but the name should be there :thinking:

On my system the Notes section is always visible and I tried restarting 30 times in a row.

I’ll try to go through different scenarios when i am at home in the evening and will report

I definetely can reproduce it:

close bear 2 but not only from window but also from dock and then restart it again. the notes node is selected but no name in the notes list.

Since you, erikvlie and others have no problem maybe that is somehow related to the german localisation? Anyone with a german version who has no problem with the notes title?