Navigation window

I would like to see two things that makes life easier

  1. A navigation window on the left that lists the Headings and lets you jump quickly to another chapter, ideally the depth can be configured and this could be folded.

  2. A feature to split the current screen to be able to enter text at two locations. Like in a cooking recipy where you have the ingredients a document start and the text below. Or in code where you have a section to define variables and below code. Or if you write meeting minutes and work on the minutes in the lower and on the participants in the upper window. Or when note taking in a web meeting you can see the participants in the upper window and take notes in the lower one. Alternatively you use open in a new window but this not so intuitive as you first have to look where the window is open which is distracting.

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  1. yes, we have something planned for this, we refer to this as ToC (table of content)

  2. I understand the usage of a split screen for the note, but that’s something we don’t have in our plans so far.


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ToC is sometimes a structure at the start of a document. If you are in the middle of a text and need to look something up in another chapter this would mean that you lose the context.

If possible generate the ToC dynamically in a column or something that can be turned on/off and provide an open in new window context menu. That means from where you are you would right click at a ToC heading and could open that part in a new window. Advantage is that you would not lose your focus.

Amazing! I never thought to request ToC cuz it seemed like too much to ask for but this would be AMAZING, top 3 feature enhancement to me (for what it’s worth :slight_smile: )