Panda update - new beta available now!

Hello Matteo and all Bear/Panda devs,
How is the Panda revival going?

BUG-report: Panda Version 1.0 (3147) on MacBook Pro M3 2023 with latest release and update of MacOS.

  • Panda is now displaying old .panda docs with images: with invisible text:
  • Images are displayed, but text is invisible in both in dark and light modes (these are documents saved with the former Panda alfa, including the Welcome note.)
  • When I Select All (in those notes in Panda) and copy/paste into Bear, everything is revealed and looks good, so this is a curious bug.
  • If I copy paste Bear Welcome Note: “Get started with Bear” into Panda editor, I’ll get the same Issue: invisible text.
  • But if I then delete both images, text is revealed and everything else looks good.
  • Did a clean reinstall (deleted all traces of Panda system wide), and reinstalled from the link above, but that didn’t solve the issue :cry:

Hope to see the old or new alfa/beta of Panda also on iOS/iPad soon, but I’m actually more interested in the Web version of Bear. Hope you are doing good progress on that.

I’m ready to beta-test either Panda :panda_face: or Bear-web :bear:, whatever comes first! :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work!
All the best.


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