Remapping keyboard shortcuts - inconsistent

Testing version: v2 11586

What were you doing: trying to map keyboard short cuts to make Shift Left and Shift Right behave like all other mac apps.

What feature did you use:

What happened: On my MacBook pro, this worked as you would expect. I use keyboard short cut redefinition for specific apps all the time. So I now have Shift Right be command ] and the opposite.

HOWEVER. on a recently retired iMac, The keyboard shortcut redefinition would not stick for either.

HOWEVER. on a new mac mini, the keyboard shortcut would remap for Shift Right…but it stubbornly refused to move from the weird stock Shift Left that Bear 2 ships with. It just ignores the change. So I now have one that’s the original way and the other that’s the normal way. And it will not respect even an attempt to change the re-defined version back.

What did you expect to happen: I expect to be able to remap keyboard shortcuts or invent them at will.

Some parameter list is behaving inappropriately. This is clearly a bug

I believe that I made a mistake as I’ve gotten it to work.