Weird Search Behavior

Testing version: Bear 2.0 (10641, macOS)

What were you doing:
Doing a search using the “or” operator.

What feature did you use:
Search function using the “or” operator.

What happened:
I did a search using two words that I knew would be in several notes. In the notes list, I could see the results of the FIRST search keyword highlighted, but not the SECOND though it was clearly in the text. If the SECOND keyword is found but not the FIRST, it does highlight the keyword in the notes list but NOT in the list itself. The only word that gets highlighted in the note itself is the FIRST keyword (if it is found).

What did you expect to happen:
I expected for one or both keywords to be highlighted in the notes list and also with in the note itself.



Hi Stephen,

this is a little complicated to explain but I think the behaviour is correct. The note list highlight the first match for the search term and, in the case of the OR operator, might happen that only one of keywords is highlighted for space reasons.

Inside the note the OR operator can’t work because of how text search works across macOS and iOS. So we highlight only one of the terms in the OR search inside the note.

Thanks for the reply.

I was curious why there wasn’t an “and” operator. Is there a way to do this?

We appreciate your team’s work. Great job!!

The and operator is implicit with every search. If you are searching for a b you are searching for all the notes that have matches for 'a' AND 'b'.

Thanks for this clarification. I didn’t realize that is how it worked. This is very helpful.