Workaround Sync for iOS to Mojave?

Well, apparently no more sync between my computer and my iOS apps, since I’m still using Mojave. Can I export from iOS and import into the old version of Bear? Can I revert to a prior version on my iOS devices?

Alas for multi-device backwards compatibility

(Why Mojave: in order to hold on to locally-installed, still perfectly functional software like MS Office, Photoshop Lightroom and other 32-bit apps from the days when you could just upgrade rather than managing innumerable subscriptions for software whose functionality has gone far beyond your needs into someone’s idea of “Cool and new”)

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mojave here too :)) my bear app was expired :))

My Bear App still works in Mojave, luckily. I just have two sets of recent notes - one set on my iOS devices, one set on my computer. (Kind of like having a work computer and a home computer.)

It’s possible to export from Mojave Bear in a format like RTF, maybe markdown (I forget which one I tested it with) and then import into the new version of Bear. But right now I’m just using Apple Notes to transfer small chunks between the two verions.

In Mojave, I would export your notes in the Textbundle format. Save the textbundle files in iCloud Drive. Then go to your iPhone, open bear and choose import, and in the dialogue navigate to where you put the textbundle files. That should do it, easy peasy.

Thanks - will try it out.